Risk Management


Risk Management is the process of identifying and managing potential liability situations and formulating and implementing strategies to minimize any potential adverse effects to the organization's mission, vision, and values.  Medical Center Risk Management aims to identify, evaluate and address issues that may result in patient injury, lead to malpractice claims, and cause financial loss.

When is it appropriate to contact Risk Management?

  • To report any serious, adverse or unexpected clinical outcome or occurrence not related to the patient's underlying disease or condition
  • To report receipt or service of notice of a professional liability claim, subpoena for deposition or trial appearance or summons and complaint
  • To report notification of investigation by a regulatory agency, such as the Medical Board of California
  • For consultation regarding medical center policies and procedures, such as those relating to obtaining appropriate consent for treatment, release of information, disclosure of adverse outcomes to patient/families
  • To consult on inquiries from legal counsel
  • To report a lost patient property claim

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